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29 Chimera Court, Saturday Morning

The first thing Liam noticed was the sound of the ocean. His apartment was nowhere near the ocean.

The second thing he noticed was that this was not his apartment.

"What in the goddamn hell is going on?" he muttered, looking around the room. There was a global lying on the table by the bed, so he picked it up and slid it open. None of the contacts looked familiar. Great. Maybe the wallet would yield better results?

... Or more confusing ones. The name on the photo ID was his, sure enough. But the picture? That was the impostor. The Major.

"And here I thought I was finally getting back to having a normal life," he muttered as he found something to wear (he figured if he'd let The Major borrow his name while he'd been undergound, the kid wouldn't mind if he borrowed some clothes this one time) and then left to try and get his bearings about wherever the hell he was.

[ooc: open, if some housemate-type-people happen to be around!]
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"Hey, thief guy," Magnus shouted. "I got Starbucks!"

Because he was a nice housemate. He also got some tea latte for Nathan if he was around.
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"Hi." Magnus squinted at him. "Is that a new shirt?"

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Yeah, this was... basically on par for his perception checks sometimes. Also, remembering all the NPCs was really hard, okay?

"Yeah, Taako hadn't opened up shop, so I guess you can have it."

It was a frappacino. Enjoy the brainfreeze, guy he literally could not tell apart from his housemate. He might not even remember your name beyond 'thief guy' too. It was sort of a thing.
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"Rude," Magnus chided. "This is Nathan's house. You apparently live here, but I think it might be a squatting situation and Nathan's too nice to kick you out."

He was possibly missing the point on purpose.
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Was this a plot hook? It sounded like a plot hook.

"I dunno," he said, shrugging. Then gasped like this was the coolest thing ever. "Did you get amnesia? Was the--" Whatever he said after that just went to static.
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"Alright then." Magnus politely sipped his coffee back, waiting on some questions.

Because he was such a little shit.
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"Magnus, Magnus Burnsides. I'm a teacher up at the school. Fighter. Sometimes a rogue."

He'd say his levels in those, but that'd be too meta.
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"The one over there," Magnus said, pointing in the direction of the school. That you could not see from here. "F--Fandom. Yep, Fandom."

Look at him remembering details!